The ‘Joker’ will never be us


When I first saw the trailer to the Joker movie, I was a bit skeptical about how it would turn out. Questions like ‘Will this be a great iteration of a Joker movie?”‘, ‘will Joaquin Phoenix top Heath Ledger’s performance?’, or even thoughts of how cruel the Joker’s portrayal crossed my mind. After seeing the movie, a completely different idea came across my mind. That is, the Joker’s story could never be us.

No matter how engaging and thought-provoking this movie was, specifically in the area of mental health, Whites would never sympathize with a black man with a similar issue of the Joker. Only whites in America would allow and subtly praise such a twisted mind. They’ve been doing this without the support of cinema, but behind another camera, the news media. In an age of cowardly mass shooters, the media finds a way to make you sympathize with the killer’s story. How many times have you seen the press coddle the terrorist by highlighting his stressors? A black man would never receive this treatment. I have a story to prove it. Let’s examine the case of Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton.

In Kirkwood, MO, a white city council subjected Charles Lee Thornton to racism for attempting to be a successful black business owner. Specifically, the white city council had been trying to subjugate his business for years through limitations and fines. The college-educated black man started his own construction business only to be outmuscled by the hand of white supremacy via “big business developers.” The excessive amount of fines on his equipment location and not being included in the developing plans of Meacham Park’s annexation into Kirkwood stressed and impacted him over a decade.

The disastrous day most people remember, February 7, 2008, was his last straw of the city-councils oppressive behavior and sheer arrogance in fining him. Cookie was unable to get ahead in life and had absolutely nothing to lose. So out of a sense of hopelessness, he took the lives of those that took away his livelihood. He took the lives of those that were oppressing him. Does this sound familiar? Even though Cookie’s actions occurred in real life, the most prominent proponent is how the media tells the story. Cookie didn’t get the Joker’s sympathetic treatment through those that retell the story. He received the typical angry & crazy black man treatment.

And that is all black men would ever receive, even the beloved celebrities. One day the media adores you; the next, your entire life is dissected before the world by showcasing all of your unfavorable secrets. The White men, in the form of the Joker, get the opposite treatment. All of the ‘villainous’ pieces that attacked him are examined to show how they negatively impacted an imperfect and fragile White soul. The media does it in a manner in which you empathize with the killer, so he looks like the victim.

Black Nation, this is how they rewrite your script and tell your story. Don’t ever think they will speak in your best interest, especially since you more than likely won’t be around to tell your story. The Joker was carted away in the back of a police vehicle, and you would be zipped up in a black bag headed to the morgue. The Joker was allowed to defend his story to the public for a brief stint, and you wouldn’t even get a defense, let alone an objective view retold. Failure to realize this cast you with those that think they benefit from being an American. You are not an American! More importantly, you will never get the White man treatment. Don’t ever think otherwise.